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Journal Issue
Volume 8 Issue 1 / Jan 2005  pp1‑80

Editor: Dan Remenyi

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Modelling Risks in ISIT Projects through Causal and Cognitive Mapping  pp1‑10

Abdullah J. Al-Shehab, Robert T. Hughes, Graham Winstanley

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Empirical Study on Knowledge Based Systems  pp11‑20

Gabriela Avram

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When Paradigms Shift: IT Evaluation in a Brave New World  pp21‑30

Frank Bannister

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Over the years, there have been many foci in the search for IT value. However impending developments in information and other technologies may be about to change the nature of the quest entirely. For example, the prospect of technologically enhanced biological function raises new, difficult and disturbing questions about value that need to be explored. Longer term, developments areas such as cyborg technology, artificial intelligence and robotics could have profound, and potentially disruptive, implications for societies and even humanity as a whole. As of now, there is a rapidly diminishing window of opportunity in which to get our values and value systems clear before a combination of technological advance and market forces overwhelms our ability to make important value choices. This paper explores some of the possibilities that may be coming our way and asks some difficult questions about IT value in what may be a brave new world. 


Keywords: IT value, emerging technology, artificial intelligence, robotics, cyborgs, nanotechnology, discontinuity


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Seven Ways to get Your Favoured IT Project Accepted — Politics in IT Evaluation  pp31‑40

Egon Berghout, Menno Nijland, Kevin Grant

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Internet Banking in Brazil: Evaluation of Functionality, Reliability and Usability  pp41‑50

Eduardo Diniz, Roseli Morena Porto, Tomi Adachi

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Exception‑Based Approach for Information Systems Evaluation: The Method and its Benefits to Information Systems Management  pp51‑60

Heikki Saastamoinen

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Peer Assessment: A Complementary Instrument to Recognise Individual Contributions in IS Student Group Projects  pp61‑70

Elsje Scott, Nata van der Merwe, Derek Smith

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Performance Evaluation of e‑Business in Australia  pp71‑80

Mohini Singh, John Byrne

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