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Journal Issue
Volume 12 Issue 1, ECIME 2008 / Jan 2009  pp1‑118

Editor: Dan Remenyi

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Multitasking: the Uncertain Impact of Technology on Knowledge Workers and Managers  pp1‑12

Frank Bannister, Dan Remenyi

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A Case Study of SME Web Application Development Effectiveness via Agile Methods  pp13‑26

Peter Clutterbuck, Terry Rowlands, Owen Seamons

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Improving the Benefits of IT Compliance Using Enterprise Management Information Systems  pp27‑38

Renata Paola Dameri

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National Survey of SMEs' Use of IT in Four Sectors  pp39‑50

R. Dyerson, G. Harindranath, D. Barnes

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This paper examines the adoption and use of information and communication technology (ICT) in small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) across four sectors in the UK. In the paper we report on a survey that explores the factors facilitating or hampering the successful adoption and use of ICT by SMEs. We find that SMEs are generally satisfied with their investments in ICT but that they are concerned about the cost of such investments and are uncertain about the business benefits. Much of the investment in ICT is directed at meeting bottom line issues of cost and productivity but little use is made of potential strategic applications. A particular case in point is the diffusion of ecommerce in which firms report increased consumer interest but there is little evidence in the survey to suggest that interest is being actively managed by SMEs. One concern that emerges from the survey is the SMEs' perceived dependency upon consultants. SMEs appear to be encountering knowledgecompetency gaps related to ICT. They may be too small to be able to employ a dedicated ICT expert and lack the experience to have confidence in its reliability of consultancy advice. They often have limited experience in selecting, implementing and evaluating suggested ICT solutions. To help correct this gap in the provision of services, the government has tried to provide support with mixed success. Certainly, the UK government has had a strong interest in helping and supporting the SME sector. However, State sponsored solutions to meet this competency gap appear to be failing with little awareness or take up of such solutions by the SMEs that we surveyed. Something that remains unclear is whether this failure by SMEs to avail themselves of advice and guidance made available by the State reflects the quality of solutions offered or a more basic lack of awareness by SMEs. 


Keywords: SMEs, ICT, technology adoption, ecommerce


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Reward Systems in the Post Digitization Era: Possible Benefits and Risks  pp51‑58

Pontus Fryk

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Bronze, Silver and Gold: Effective Membership Design in Customer Rewards Programs  pp59‑66

Anders Hederstierna, Henrik Sällberg

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Organisation Profiling and the Adoption of ICT: e‑Commerce in the UK Construction Industry  pp67‑74

Martin Jackson, Andy Sloane

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Adoption and Evaluation of Mobile Commerce in Chile  pp75‑88

Ranjan B. Kini

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Where is Information Ethics in Iranian Library and Information Science Publications and Services?  pp89‑94

Mortaza Kokabi

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The Patient Data Analysis Information System: Addressing Data and Information Quality Issues  pp95‑108

David Sammon, Kieran A. O'Connor, John Leo

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A Guideline for Virtual Team Managers: the Key to Effective Social Interaction and Communication  pp109‑118

Lara Schlenkrich, Christopher Upfold

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