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Organizational Learning and ERP Systems in the post‑implementation phase: Where do we Stand? A Literature Review  pp120-129

Gunilla Myreteg

© Sep 2015 Volume 18 Issue 2, The special issue from ECIME 2014, Editor: Jan Devos, pp93 - 210

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Abstract: ERP systems are today implemented in a great number of organizations. Research has invested much energy and time to make descriptions and recommendations regarding how the implementation should best be managed. The next step in practice as well as in research is how to continue to develop the business processes and ERP systems in order to take advantage of all their promises, and to refine how ERP systems are used in day‑to‑day activities. A starting point for the present study is that organizat ions today are characterized by strong external and internal pressure. In order to response to and deal with these, organizations strive to balance demands regarding stability and change. This implies that organizations put effort into designing and maint aining or changing practices, rules and routines. Within the general fields of organization theory and management accounting/control the ambition to create deliberate change is often conceptualized as processes of organizational learning (OL). This conc ept has also been used in the context of ERP systems. The research field is however heterogeneous and findings are scattered and inconsistent. There is a need for further development of our knowledge about the role of ERP systems in processes of organizat ional learning after the implementation phase. The present paper strives to consolidate and synthesize the current knowledge. The research question is to what extent and how do research conceptualize organizational learning and its interactions and involv ement with the ERP system? The paper is a literature review of research on OL in the context of ERP systems in the post‑implementation phase between the years 2005‑2015. A total number of 18 research articles were identified. The aim is to analyze and cla ssify previous research, and also to give suggestions for avenues suitable and fruitful for future research. The review compares and contrasts approaches in order to analyze similarities and dissimilarities and to investigate what topics or issues have be en addressed by previous research. The analysis shows that overall there is a lack of definitions and stringency in research on OL in an ERP systems context in the post‑implementation phase. The final section also forwards some suggestions for future rese arch.


Keywords: Keywords: ERP systems, organizational learning, stability, change, literature review


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