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Journal Article

Evaluating the Performance of Electronic Marketplaces: an Exploration of the Ownership Impact  pp163-174

Philip O' Reilly, Pat Finnegan

© Feb 2010 Volume 12 Issue 2, Editor: Shaun Pather, pp129 - 198

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In evaluating the performance of electronic marketplaces, research has focussed on the impact of factors such as IT, marketplace process design and competition. However, such research has neglected the impact of ownership upon electronic marketplace performance. This paper explores the issue of electronic marketplace ownership and contributes to the literature by revealing four distinct aspects of ownership of electronic marketplaces; investor structure, investor objectives, investor commitment and governance efficiency. Using a multiple case approach, the paper evaluates the performance of seven electronic marketplaces in order to determine the relationship between marketplace performance and ownership. The study reveals a multitude of investor objectives for their marketplace investment, broadly categorised as; transactional, financial or fear. The analysis reveals that investor objectives impact upon investor commitment levels with those investors interested in the transactional benefits of electronic marketplaces being most committed. Analysis also reveals that investor objectives impact upon how efficiently a marketplace is governed. Both investor commitment levels and governance efficiency in turn impact upon electronic marketplace performance in terms of the volumes traded on the electronic marketplace, electronic marketplace adoption levels and electronic marketplace revenues and profitability.


Keywords: electronic marketplace, performance evaluation and improvement, ownership, investor structure


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Journal Issue

Volume 12 Issue 2 / Dec 2009  pp129‑198

Editor: Shaun Pather

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Keywords: analytical hierarchy process, B2C e-commerce, collective use, DeLone and McLean, developing country, e-commerce Success, e-learning systems, electronic marketplace, ex-post evaluation, free and open source software, ICT evaluation, ICT in tertiary education, ICT investment management, innovative use, investor structure, IS success, MIS, multi-criteria evaluation tool , net benefits, novice user, onfigural use, online television, online video, ownership, performance evaluation and improvement, small-to-medium enterprises, software quality, technology adoption, theory of planned behaviour, user acceptance of online videos, web TV, work-arounds


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