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Journal Article

Evaluating e‑Commerce Success — A Case Study  pp15-26

Shaun Pather, Dan Remenyi, Andre de la Harpe

© May 2006 Volume 9 Issue 1, Editor: Dan Remenyi, pp1 - 43

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The business community in the past decade has been characterised by debate over the value or effectiveness of e‑Commerce and how this type of technology needs to be implemented. During this period the business world has witnessed many examples of failures of Internet based business. There is little doubt that the high failure rate in Dot.Coms had much to do with misconceptions regarding the ease with which e‑Commerce could be implemented. Unrealistic expectations caused tried and tested business rules to be abandoned as hyperbole over took sound business sense. Although it is clear today that the Internet and the Web can facilitate business processes to add value to organisations, this technology has to be managed with considerable care. This paper reports on a case study conducted in, a well known South African e‑Tailing business. This case study highlights several valuable lessons to do with the evaluation of an e‑Commerce investment and how to ensure its success. Specifically the case study closely examines aspects of's IS management policy, and identifies a set of preliminary e‑Commerce success dimensions.


Keywords: e-Business, e-Commerce, Internet business, web-facilitated business, Information Systems Management, business evaluation, IS success


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Journal Issue

Volume 9 Issue 2 / Nov 2006  pp45‑104

Editor: Dan Remenyi

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Once again we have received an interesting range of research papers from authors around the world and furthermore they continue to represent a very wide range of thought with regards to the different applications of evaluation thinking for information and communication technology. It is clear that this field has not yet produced a clear consensus as to any particular methodology and I for one believe that this is what one might loosely call a “good thing”.

Six papers have been selected by our reviewers through the process or double‑blind peer review and this has produced six very interesting and yet different papers from authors in Sweden, Spain, The Netherlands, Ireland and Greece.

I trust readers will find these pieces of research as interesting as I have.


Keywords: IS integration, activity-based costing, assessment, business evaluation, cost management systems, e-business, e-commerce, enterprise modelling, evaluation framework, event study methodology, information systems effectiveness, information systems management, information systems quality, information technology productivity paradox, internet business, IS success, IT investment, process capability, project portfolio, risk management, software process maturity, system analysis metrics, value-at-risk, web-facilitated business


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